Polyurethane  - leading chemical innovation!



Polyurethane is the main industry of Jiangsu Changshun group Co., Ltd. With 20 years of development, Changshun group, an initially trading company, has been transformed successfully into a manufacturing company. As the production bases, Changhua and Changneng were invested for providing POP, PPG, RPU, and the systematic solutions for the customs. The series products can be widely used in vehicles, furnishings, building materials, household electrics, construction, and cryogenic liquid transportation, etc. Based on advanced management concepts and continuous innovation, Changshun group accesses the overseas market with an accelerated pace. Under the guidance of our great vision, as an international brand chemical enterprise, we purse low-carbon environmental protection and technology innovation, we will strive for building a famous brand not only in China but also in all of the world.

Changhua Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Innovative Products And Solutions

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