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Aim at R&D Center with advanced research equipment and top sci-tech,and establish innovative low-carbon chemical enterprise with proprietary intellectual property rights and self-possessed advanced sci-tech.
Through scientific and technological innovation, product development and personnel training to create a international brand of products, technology and services.
Our innovative products, solutions and services enable us to become the most competitive suppliers in the chemical industry.
Having eatablished a strategic partnership with customers on the basis of win-win cooperation,Changshun is regarded as their preferred partner.
Regarding as opportunities,future as challenge,science and technology as the lifebllod,and passion as motion,we achieve the sustainable development in pursuing excellence.
Let us be the most loyal partner in your business and create the future together !
More than 20 years of continuous focus and innovation, so that we become the most loyal customers partners!
After more than 20 years of dedication and innovation, Changshun created in 1995 has already achieved the scale of investment 6 subsidiary companies ; became involved in polyurethane raw material production, environment-friendly auto polymer interior materials, LNG cryogenic insulation system and building insulation energy and other areas of large-scale comprehensive enterprise group.
Our professional ability and innovative technology make us to win the favor of many customers, and also attracted a number of the world's top 500 companies .
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